About the Club:

Joining the FHLBC offers many benefits, with exclusive access to all our events, trips and socials. We have a members only facebook group for discussion and a newsletter full of reports and lodge invites. After joining you will also receive a membership pack and the exclusive members pin badge. Below are the three principles of the FHLBC...


Monthly invitations to other lodges

Experience different lodges across the Province of Hertfordshire, including: special ceremonies, different workings, fantastic festive boards, masonic talks and Provincial events.


Exclusive trips to masonic attractions

Join our masonic trips and events in and outside of the province, including: trips to landmarks with masonic signi cance, tours of interesting masonic buildings and talks on other masonic Orders.


Social events and masonic support

Meet other Freemasons in an informal environment, engage with them at our regular social, family events. Join our social forums where you can ask questions and take your daily advancement.