Joining the Committee 18/19

The FHLBC Committee is made up of dedicated FHLBC members who wish to help organise and run the club. Committee members are expected to attend regular (monthly) committee meetings.

The Management of the Club shall be by a Committee comprising of a Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer and two members of the Club elected to sit on the Committee and any such specialist offices that from time to time are deemed necessary to operate the Club in the interest of the members.

The Chairman shall be  endorsed by the Provincial Grand Master and serve for a period of one year, or such term as the Committee and Provincial Grand Master shall deem appropriate.

The Chairman, will have the authority to determine any requirement for additional Officers as may be required from time to time to assist with the operation of the Club during his tenure. Any such requirement should have endorsement from a majority of the existing Committee members.

All Roles are singular except ‘Committee Member’ which can be multiple. If there is more than one application for a role, a vote will be cast at the AGM.

Current positions on the committee as as follows: (click to download application)

Chairman – Appointed by the PGM



Membership Secretary

Events Secretary

Committee Member

All Applications should be completed and emailed to the secretary no later than – Wed 14th Nov 2018. If you have any questions please email the secretary to discuss.