Inaugural Meeting 19th February

On the 19th February The Fleet House Light Blues Club held its Inaugural meeting at Mayflower place in Hertingfordbury. The whole event was a great success from start to finish, the brethren all arrived early in order to take full advantage of the bar reception and this created an amazing atmosphere with brethren mingling with brothers they already knew and having the joy of meeting ones they didn’t.

Once the bar reception was over the guests made their way to the dining hall and were served a meal fit for kings. The high spirits and social interaction continued all the way through. Once we had all finished our food Chairman W. Bro Darren Bending started the guest speakers of by introducing himself, the club and its purpose and the rest of the committee. Each committee member in turn got up and introduced themselves and their role in the club. Secretary Bro. Neil Mottershead gave everyone a short story as to how the club came into existence.

Once the Committee was finished W. Bro Darren introduce the guest speakers for the Evening.
W. Bro Brian Tierney gave all the guest a great talk on the history of the Province, next was E. Comp Tim Coles who educated everyone on the future of mentoring for Royal Arch Masonry in Hertfordshire.

The highlight of the evening came from both the Provincial Grand Master R.W. Bro Paul Gower and the Most Excellent Grand Superintendent James Shapley who both gave heartfelt talks on the starts of their Masonic journeys as well as honest and sincere advice for all the brethren on how to make the most of Masonry and how to advance over the years.

Once the talks were done and the last of the cheese had been eaten we all retired to the bar where the atmosphere followed. The evening in whole was extremely successful and all the guests had an incredible evening of meeting new people, great conversation and left having made an extra step in their daily advancement.