Royston Cave Tour

The FHLBC latest event was organised by committee member Bro. Dan O’Connell.

We all met at Royston Masonic Centre where the most of us enjoyed a cup of tea while Bro. Neil walked around Royston town centre playing Pokemon Go.

We then headed over to Royston Cave where we had the usual tour the public would get followed by a further in depth talk from Author, Syliva P Beamon, writer of Royston Cave – Used by Saints or Sinnners.

After the cave we headed back to the centre, first for some Fish and Chips and then for a further talk from┬áKt Lester Wellington who enlightened us all on the Knights Templar Order, or to use its full title “The United Religious and Military Orders of the Temple, and of St. John of Jerusalem, Palestine, Rhodes and Malta”. After that we were given a brief presentation on the history of the Templar’s and shown some architecture by W. Bro Stephen Andrews.

After the Talks, and after Bro. Dan had got his book signed, most of us headed home but a few stayed to enjoy the Soul Music Festival that was being held right next to the centre that day.