St Albans Abbey Tour

And another great event organised by Bro. Dan.

St Albans Church and Abbey the oldest site of continuous Christian worship in Britain. We were met by W. Bro George Laverick, who gave a very in depth tour of the beautiful and breath taking building and pointed out a lot masonic symbolism along the way.

We then had W. Bro Andy Clarke guide us up the tower where we climbed over 200 steps to the highest point of the Abbey where we were able to get a fantastic view of St Albans.

Prior to the tour I was contacted by W. Bro Derrick Stringer, a Mason from Leicestershire who asked if he could come along with us. We, of course were happy to have him come along and he had this to say after.

“I was lucky enough to be allowed a place on the tour organised by the light blue club of Hertfordshire to go to St Albans abbey,
How lucky are you Hertfordshire masons to have such a vibrant, professional, and happy bunch of masons organising your club.
The tour, started off with little potted history about the abbey, give so well by W.Bro George Laverick PPGStB, W.Bro George also works at the abbey, I have never meet until yesterday some one who eats, sleeps, and almost dreams about his work, his knowledge about the abbey was unbelievable.
Its just a pity he supports Sunderland. 
Back to the tour…the tower!!!! Wow I just about fitted in the small space called the staircase, was I cream k******** when I finally reached to top, the view to die for, (I felt like dying at this point) I think the person who built these stairways must have been so slim and small and just wanted to get at everyone else. Today my legs are telling me about pains and places I have not seen for years.
But I am happy telling about yesterday’s trip (try and stop me…so proud),
After the tower to places that normal people would not see, or understand with real Masonic marks and symbols. After the tour on to a pub for a well needed pint!!!!
As a Leicestershire mason this was my first visit in to the depths of the Deep South, and hopefully not my last.
When you join freemasonry you call every one your brother, yesterday in this small group of masons (even one EA) I really felt as one.”

The Feedback from our members was exactly the same. All in all, a fantastic day.