Our Club

About the Club:

The main objective of the Fleet House Light Blues Club is to engage and support new freemasons in the province of Hertfordshire. We do this by offering many exciting events which members can choose to attend. In the past the club have offered trips to Scotland, London, Oxford and more, we have also arranged visits to local masonic attractions. Many of our events are social in nature, a simple drink in a Hertfordshire pub where everyone is invited. The club also organise visits to other lodges, and members advertise meetings to their own meetings in our visitors corner, a great way to get out and about in the province. This is all held together by a regular newsletter and social interaction on whatsapp, facebook and via this website.


Invitations to Meetings

Join other members at lodge meetings across Hertfordshire. See new centres, special ceremonies, different workings, fantastic festive boards and much more.


Masonic Trips and Events

Experience learning focused events including, Trips to masonic landmarks, tours, talks with guest speakers and discussions on all aspects of freemasonry.


Social Events and Support

Meet other freemasons in a relaxed environment and engage with them at regular social events. Join our social forums and become part of our masonic community.